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2012.5.21The chairman's remarks-FOCtek of what he hopes.

FOCtek of what he hopes.

Huang Hengbiao---Our Chairman's remarks .

  I hope that our company is an advanced culture and people-oriented company. We can do all rivers run into sea, inclusive, employees can share his/her mind freely in company. There is a sense of security, can be pinned, everyone can try his/her best to work and pull together. People do their best, can use.Fine, fair, employees grows together with the company, realize the share of value.

  I hope that our company is in unison and there is not noise, no conflict. Between employees and employees, between employees and leadership, leadership which only have friendship, not hostile.They  can keep style when small things has been happened. They can keep big principle when big things has been happened. Business layer will  faithfully implement to the shareholders' meeting and the board of directors in the company .Management team can dare to play and complete tasks of the development of goald.At the same time,business layer can produce a satisfactory answer for the employees, shareholders and the society .

   I hope that our company is an enthusiastic thought and a sense of direction company.It has a good business model,and it has own competitive products and intellectual property, well aware of the situation, grasping the development opportunity, seize the opportunity, our company will go ahead of the industry.

   I hope that our company is a good growth, a investment value company. It has a more complete enterprise management personnel and technical backbone of leadership.There are a large number of hard-working, business skills, the courage to contribute, dare when Tam backbone and middle management level employees,a large number of hard-working, business skills, to contribute, dare to play the middle management backbone and staff, efficient operation, can make the price lower than the others, good quality products than others.

Alexander Ganoderma