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2013.09.21 The biggest function is identification analysis in intelligent traffic monitoring

     Generally,the biggest function is identification analysis in intelligent traffic monitoring.Therefore, in the analysis of products it is necessary to have a look a the trend of application of this part .  
    We all know that HD monitoring intelligent traffic more than half is used for license plate recognition, base on HD video technology of license plate recognition system using digital high-definition imaging technology ,it can reach 2MP or 5MP even is higher resolution. This is probably 10-20 times more clear effect.We can cover big recognition scene with a high-definition camera, and to local target amplification and identification,it can solve the traffic department of vehicle license plate and the driving suspicion target facial features, the front driver and passenger facial features, suspicious vehicle type recognition problem appearance details.At the same time, it can also through the license plate recognition system of HD video technology  fundamentally get rid of the calibration technology limited clear imaging, with the extending function of video detection and imaging technology, can be completely from image acquisition to complete all the functions of the license plate recognition.
    In the license plate recognition system of HD video technology, the video area dynamic detection and tracking technology, it is the most advanced technology in intelligent traffic in computer vision .All vehicle or object on all areas, different speed, complex detection from different angles, different filtering methods, the improved tracking, and integrated technology of complex traffic rule on the track or objects.Usually this is the frame difference detection and license plate detection and recognition technology combining, it has the following vehicle path function, so it can judge whether the vehicle straight, turn left, turn right in direction of travel.
   This algorithm is processed in real-time video, rather than relying on to capture images then to recognition. At the same time, to intensive sampling for the image information , real-time analysis of each frame panoramic information calculation, using a new algorithm based on vehicle positioning and feature fusion learning of vehicle location on the image, to identify the real vehicle, the vehicle lock and real-time tracking of the lock of vehicle.Then get the vehicle trajectory curve precise position of the vehicle and vehicle movement, improve the ability to adapt to environmental changes, the camera system noise, vehicle and trees shadow, pedestrians, non motor vehicle environmental noise, vehicle headlamps, night rain, snow, the ground water such as reflection are filtered out good and the attenuation effect, which greatly improves the system recognition rate.


Alexander Ganoderma