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2013.10.10 FOCtek Chairman, General manager send a letter to all employees

2013.10.10 FOCtek Chairman, General manager send a letter to all employees
FOCTEK all employees:
    Our company is founded 12 anniversary today.In this specia day,we represent the company shareholders, the board of directors and management to express my sincere greetings to you: I wish all the staff work goes well, family happiness, prosperity!
    Review the day and night since our company is founded 12years, and many of the comrades ragard factory as their home, love and respect their jobs, work hard, play to their one's ability and cleverness in their respective positions, and make positive contribution to the development of FOCTEK. Therefore, we express our heartfelt thanks to you !
   Dear colleagues: because  workshop task is busy and the main leadership of  the board of directors is  away on business, the factory no holiday, no activities. In this regard, we apologize! The company decided to pay factory activity funds or cash to you, wish you a happy day!
   Dear Colleagues:  the last year infrastructure investment is  most   since our company was established , the company invested nearly billion on a FOCtek NINGHUA base construction,it has completed the first phase of the factory building meters, dormitory , offices, canteens, etc. are also speeding up the construction and is expected to be completed by the end of this year.
   Over  the past year we have carried out a vehicle rearview mirror two phase expansion
project and the lens;  we also carry a company mechanism reform in the midyear.Establishing the precision optics,auto  optics and optical lens , laid the foundation for the future development of the company,  clear direction, expanding the space.
    We have reason to believe: the near future a new FOCTEK will  appear  in front of  everyone.the future FOCTEK   is a worthy of trust, can rely on the FOCTEK  grow sturdily,  FOCTEK accumulate steadily. Let us join hands in order to struggle for tomorrow.

Alexander Ganoderma