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2011.5.14 Yuan Rongxiang secretary of municipal party committee of a line to the ford family visit

Party secretary Yuan Rongxiang line to FOCtek  visit

On May 14, the standing committee of the provincial party committee, secretary of the municipal party committee led Yuan Rongxiang civil-operated research industrial economy, head of the department stressed that to promote the structural adjustment of industrial transformation and upgrading, and optimization, strengthen independent innovation ability, to speed up the transformation of the pattern of economic development, promote the sound and rapid economic industrial development, efforts to achieve scientific development of fuzhou new span.

In MinHou economic and technological development zone in a row, Yuan Rongxiang led straight lead into the ford family, together to visit their office and production workshop, detailed understanding of the FOCtek of products research and development, production, marketing, and so on and so forth. Ford division is a professional manufacturer of precision optical components, in the first quarter of this year sales income 13.66 million yuan, the profit is 3.67 million yuan, increased 101% and 101% respectively, Yuan Rongxiang satisfied with the business development of the FOCtek , hope to continue to expand, the FOCtek continue to research and development, production more high technology content, high-growth, high value-added products, improve market share.

Alexander Ganoderma