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2011.10.10The FOCtek celebrations to mark the 10th anniversary of fuzhou

"Today is a good day, thought can become", with the songs of song zuying, we ushered in the  FOCtek day - 10th anniversary. On October 10, the day, the sun is shining, pretty breeze bracing, early in the morning to the joy of "magpies singing aloud on standing in the branches, transfer joy to every corner of the FOCtek division. Ford division staff dressed up, together, together for the FOCtek celebrate birthday.

In "the FOCtek  celebrations to mark the 10th anniversary of" on, general manager of Huang Muwang led us to review the development process of the FOCtek for ten years. After 10 years of hard struggle, the FOCtek scale expands rapidly, from the start right from the beginning only dozens of employees, for the development of today's large and medium photoelectric enterprises with more than four hundred employees. From the original plant development for small area now has a total area of 17500 square meters of modern plant. Now the products are exported to all over the world, FOCtek brand consumers know also gradually by the global industry. FOCtek  division by leaps and bounds in recent years the development of made a ford employees we see the development prospect of the company, also let us in the future of its development is full of hope.

Few years, many employees need on the job seriously, to create the best results. In order to encourage and appreciate the years employees contribute to the FOCtek  silently, ceremony, chairman of the board of directors and the leaders in the company for five years in this field and staff to express our heartfelt thanks to you for more than 10 years, and awarded honorary certificates, as a little encouragement.

After the ceremony, the company launched the entertainment activities, mainly have a tug of war, basketball, table tennis, singing contest, orange run, trample the balloon, relay race, a number of interesting activities such as puzzles. Daily work rigorous FOCtek  man, today is very active, everybody fully display their talents, to enjoy the process of game, play, play, every corner is filled with laughter.
In the evening, the company has prepared a hearty dinner, hospitality, hard work of employees and guests from afar. A toast with drink, laughing, and permeated with joy smile on his face. Dinner a few times between sweepstakes has presented a dinner, to award the staff happy from ear to ear, and consistent with everyone's request and drank a bottle of wine of happiness. With dinner coming to an end, FOCtek division was set up ten years of age ceremony is ended, everybody all gains, fill their carts.

"Tomorrow is good day, the daughter of time can't wait, is a good day today and tomorrow, catch up with The Times I enjoy tranquility", FOCtek better tomorrow, need we create together. FOCtek of the industrious and intelligent people, let us seize the opportunity, common struggle, again.

Alexander Ganoderma