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2011.6.18 FOCtek division to carry out the "basic management skills upgrading training.

   Enterprise team like cells of the enterprise is also very important is the most basic, they bear the enterprise production, quality assurance and grass-roots staff management responsibility, so enterprise team management level will directly affect the development of the enterprise. To better improve FOCtek work grass-roots management personnel management skills and coordination skills, training, professional management company mentor in 6.18 days to 6.19 days for each shift "grass-roots management skills upgrading training."

   The training courses using the film materials, such as interactive games, ingeniously combines  FOCtek  grass-roots management personnel daily management of the actual cases, let each team under the relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, flexible mastering the grass-roots management techniques and main points of work coordination, for FOCtek  division at the grass-roots level managers in the future management gave the great help and inspiration.

Alexander Ganoderma